Cave Painting Pictionary

I thought that this class project was one of the most creative and enjoyable ways to learn about history. I was really surprised that the presentations got solved so quickly considering that the meaning behind many cave paintings are still shrouded in history. Our plan was pretty straightforward when it came to drafting our drawing. We had a challenge with how to explain that there was a drought in the river and I came up with the idea of including dead or skeleton fish to make it more clear and suggested if needed to add cracks to resemble split earth and tumbleweeds if needed. But the rest of the drawing was thought up by Brian and Katherine. I also found it interesting that nobody used figurative language as Professor pointed out because when I talked about the project with family later on today and brought up the cornhole prompt they said they would have broken down the phrase and drawn it figuratively. This discovery left me to question why my family went in a different direction from the rest of the class. I regret not suggesting more ambiguous phrases to use because looking back it would have been interesting to see how one would display classics like an eye for an eye or walk a mile in my shoes. This activity was by far one of the most entertaining ways to display my understanding of historical course content.

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