A New Sense of Study

This course has been an interesting journey so far because it is structured in such a unique way. I think that it is really interesting that instead of another lecture-based history course with discussion elements the course went beyond that to give students the ability to create and lead the class as a collective. I think that this was a welcome distinction from other history courses because it is a great way for us as students to familiarize ourselves with each other while also making sure we are on the same page. I was a bit intimidated at first since I am not as familiar with technological tools as others; however, the time that we set aside to make an infographic was really comforting because I was able to pick up how these tools worked pretty quickly. I would also like to mention that having us build the syllabus from the ground up is really fascinating because while we tackled it as a class it put the job of professors at UMW in perspective for me.

I find the readings so far to demonstrate a whole new perspective on studying history because while any angle can be seen as a cause-and-effect situation it had never seemed so streamlined to me before and it’s something that I can appreciate. I liked the idea that all of the technologies that we are studying were inspired by their predecessors and has seemingly been this way when applied to all of the topics in the class so far. I think that the process of deciding which assignments we want to do is quite fun. The fleshing out process is probably the most difficult part for us as a class because we need to get as detailed as possible so that the assignments are uniform and straightforward. I can’t wait to see what else this class has in store for us as we continue on with the semester.

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  1. I completely agree, the fleshing out of the assignments have been difficult because of the amount of detail that goes into creating assignments. It’s been such a fun process but also challenging trying to figure out all the moving parts of it. I also agree that this course is a refreshing change from other history courses that are heavily lectured based. It’s been a nice change of pace!

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