My name is Kendell Jenkins, and I am a senior at UMW. I’ve taken a wide variety of history courses at the University of Mary Washington, but I haven’t taken many that focused on the United States digital/information era. I think that it would be interesting learning about the rapid growth of technology in the United States because I think that viewing the narrative of United States history through the lens of technology to be a fascinating approach to the subject.  When looking at the past assignments of the class I like to see that they all seemed unique and fun to work on. One assignment that caught my interest was conveying a message through an early form of communication. I am not very tech savvy when it came to using computers or cell phones, but the thought of demonstrating how the beeper was used as a means to notify others to contact each other is humorous to say the least. One piece of advice I plan on using is booking appointments at the DKC and HCC way early. I state this because in the past I have failed to understand that hundreds of students need these resources for their personal school careers and the window only gets smaller as the semester progresses.

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  1. Hello! It was nice to read your introduction, Kendall. I agree with utilizing the DKC and HCC resources! I had a DGST class last semester and they came in super handy, and it made me realize how useful they could have been for courses in the past.

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