Assignments of Interest

There have been many ideas proposed for how we are to go about the coming projects in this course but there are a few in particular that really stuck out to me. I personally would like to tweet out historical events live, I think it is a medium that most of the class would be familiar with and we can educate others. Another assignment that I think allows room for alot of creativity is the infographics. I feel like it allows for the use of multiple digital tools, and it can be applied to any of the topics that we have to discuss in the course allowing it to be a very versatile assignment that does not require too many video or audio editing skills which for those who lack in such departments, like me, it a bit relieving.

Def Leppard Diskography – Google Sheets

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  1. I also think making infographics would be fun and allow room for creativity. With that I am bad at the “deeper” level stuff so infographics are something I am a little more comfortable doing.

  2. I also really liked the idea of tweeting out historical events live and I think that this could make a really interesting group assignment.

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